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Before reserving any program, information on the chosen circuit must be requested at least 30 days in advance of the trip. All inquiries will be answered by mail to verify the times and costs of the places to visit. Once this background has been reviewed by the passenger, the reservation must be requested to register it in the company's program. The registration will be informed by email confirming the hiring, so that the company can start the processing and planning of the trip, coordinating with the collaborators and other external providers. Once the program quotas are completed (minimum 4 and maximum 8 people), The Kawésqar Overland Company will inform you by email that you must make your reservation by paying 50% of the total cost of the program. Once you arrive in the region, you will contact the company to pick you up from the hotel or the airport before the start of the trip, paying the remaining 50% balance of the program.

How to Schedule and Reserve

Schedule your Circuit or Journey within 6 months of the trip without any initial cost, but the reservation must be made one month before arrival in the Region to coordinate accommodation and internal activities (the Reserve is 50%). Short-term crossings are from 5 to 9 days and long-term ones from 12 to 20 days, respecting the departure dates (the 5th and 15th of each month) capacity 4 people per vehicle, with a maximum of 8 people per Crossing. Groups of 4 people and more will have a 5% to 10% discount. We are waiting for you 

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